A glossary of terms and the like unique or remarkable in their usage insofar as it relates to Digimon re:CONNECT. As more becomes known, more will be added.

Induced Evolution
Induced digivolution, alternatively and more rarely induced evolution, is a blanket term for any digivolution that is enabled by a D-Rive. Digivolution cannot be deliberately induced without the use of a certain amount of Reserve Data (see below). Unlike natural digivolution, which is permanent, induced digivolutions are temporary. As a recipient digimon becomes more adept at handling their power, induced digivolutions can be maintained longer and done more easily.
Currently known forms include:

    Drive Evolution, which elevates a digimon temporarily to Champion form using a quick burst of data. It is unknown at-present what circumstances induce this.

Reserve Data
Reserve data is effectively the fuel used to initiate an induced digivolution. It is collected through the battle, defeat, and absorption of digimon. It is not drained over time; the required data is spent all at once, in a burst, to kick its recipient up to a higher form. The exact systems and algorithms that determine exactly how much data is used and received in any given situation are highly variable and pretty much unfathomable, but as a general rule, a stronger opponent yields more data. Go figure.