It's like an FAQ, without waiting for anyone to ask!

Do you need help working on re:CONNECT/can I become a co-author of re:CONNECT?
Short answer: no!
Long answer: re:CONNECT, as re:GENESIS was before it, is kind of my baby. I need to have total creative control over my project. A one-man project means I have a big iron grip on everything that happens!

Does re:CONNECT take place in the same universe as re:GENESIS?
Nope! Digimon re:CONNECT is its own universe and canon, with different rules and different mechanics. Though some eagle-eyed readers may catch references to re:GENESIS here and there, for reasons made clear in re:GEN, it is in no way necessary to read my previous project to appreciate this one.

Can you put my characters into re:CONNECT?
Nope again. I held a pre-release contest to add some non-minor characters to the story, but those are just those-- winners of a one-time contest, and I've had time to work them into the plot. There may be a contest later to add a minor character or two, but I can't simply let anyone toss their characters in; I do actually plan ahead, you know!

Can I use your characters/digimon for my project?
Under no circumstances. Sorry, I'm just very tired of being asked this. The species and characters of re:CONNECT are a unit, created together, and created for my purposes only. Only a handful of people have the permission to use my digimon for their projects, and I'm not giving it to anyone else.

Will you help with/write for/draw for my fic/write my fic idea?
No, sorry. This stuff takes a lot of work, and while this is something I do for fun, I'm not going to over-exert myself, or else it won't be fun anymore. It took two years of work to finish re:GENESIS, even without diverting myself too majorly on anything else.
Boy, I'm certainly negative throughout all of these, aren't I?