The D-Rive Digivice

The D-Rive is the primary digivice used by the tamers of Digimon re:CONNECT.

The D-Rive first and foremost serves as a sort of battery, absorbing and storing power and data from digimon that have been defeated, and reconfiguring it for use by its corresponding digimon. The D-Rive is able to absorb data much more efficiently than a digimon's natural processes, especially when the resultant data cloud is thinned by the effects of the real world. It does, however, require user input to be used to its fullest potential; as such, a D-Rive is usually most useful in the hands of an outside party (read: a human). It seems to foster a resonant connection between its users with use over time, but the exact mechanics and ramifications of this are unknown; while it may simply be that the users grow closer as they fight and work in tandem, the connection seems stronger.

(It's pronounced as "derive", by the way.)

Functions and Features

The D-Rive primarily exists to serve its purpose as a 'backup battery', and its other functions are rudimentary, but useful nonetheless. Such features include a clock (accurate within a millionth of a second), a charge meter displaying current reserve data levels, a basic radar for detecting surges of digital energy (read: Digimon) in the real world, and a USB-compatible port. When connected to a computer via this port, the D-Rive produces a cryptic, unreadable encrypted file.