Important Locations

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Atlas Park

Atlas Park is a city located in the pacific northwest region of the United States. Not including suburbs, its population is around the 500,000 mark (make it 700,000 if you count suburbs). It lacks much in the way of a strong cultural identity, though several major computing and software companies are centered in the city and boasts a fairly strong economy and growing music scene.

There are several universities and community colleges in the city; the most prominent is the Northwest State University.

The Lotus Café
The Lotus Café has a reputation for being either completely packed or absolutely dead, and it's a crapshoot what you'll get on any given day. It's a popular hangout for many of the 20-somethings in Atlas Park, more because of its proximity to the university district than for outstanding quality, though they serve pretty kickass muffins and, while nothing special, their coffee is better than fast food chain coffee, so, what can you do.

Atlas Park City Park
The confusingly named Atlas Park City Park is located near the western edge of the city limits. One of the only oases of natural land in a rapidly-developing area, it's heavily-wooded and very green; the area down by the creek that runs through it is very picturesque. Rumors abound that the park is haunted at night, with little hard evidence for the claims.

Northwest State University
The foremost college of Atlas Park, NWSU has a strong foundation in the arts and the liberal arts, and as a result, a strong reputation for many of its students being hipsters and artsy types. About 30,000 students are enrolled at any one time. Their sports teams, known as the NWSU Griffins, are pretty notoriously terrible. I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with them being a school full of hipsters.

Music Clubs
The Rock Star
Though it's a bit of a downtown dive, the Rock Star is a sought after gig for many of Atlas Park's up-and-coming bands. Fertile ground for scouting agents, many of Atlas Park's emergent bands -- including The Phobias, Basement Tape, and The Iron Age -- broke through after playing at Rock Star. It's kind of hard to secure a gig on their stage, these days, despite the fact that the actual venue is kind of a dump.